Event Planing Department

Meet Ethan, Our Co-Director of Event Planning Department Hi, I’m Ethan and I’m a senior at St. George’s school along with being the event co-director of SEED club. Like the rest of the group, I have a passion for helping environmental issues and pushing us towards an eco-friendly world. I’m by far one of theContinue reading “Event Planing Department”

Meet Cynthia, our Director of Technology

Hi, I am Cynthia, a senior at North Toronto Collegiate Institute. I am the director of technology at SEED club. Devoting myself to community work and making a positive impact is always my dream, and SEED club helps me to achieve it. Besides these, I enjoy movies and TV shows, especially binge-watching them. Meet Sven,Continue reading “Meet Cynthia, our Director of Technology”

Meet Connie, our Director of Operation & Logistics

Hi! My name is Connie and I go to Magee Secondary! I’m currently in grade 12 and I am the director of operation and logistics at SEED club. I decided to join the SEED club because I’m curious about how business and sustainability can combine, spark, and make the community a better place. It turnsContinue reading “Meet Connie, our Director of Operation & Logistics”

Meet Heldanna, our Director of Technology

Hello everyone! I’m Heldanna and I’m a high school senior from Illinois, USA. I’m happy to be a part of SEED Club because I think it’s a great way to unite my passions of helping others and raising awareness about sustainability. I’m also passionate about coding and tech as a future computer engineer, so I’mContinue reading “Meet Heldanna, our Director of Technology”

Meet Kayla, our Director of Marketing & Social Media

Hello! I’m Kayla Kwok, a senior at University Hill Secondary school. I am ecstatic to be the Marketing/ Social Media Director for Seed Club. Moving from Hong Kong to Canada, I was amazed by the greenery. There were significantly more trees compared to the city. As cities become more grey, I wanted to participate inContinue reading “Meet Kayla, our Director of Marketing & Social Media”

Meet Ella, our Director of Finance

Hi! I’m Ella, a grade 12 at University Hill Secondary, in Vancouver, Canada. I’m exhilarated to be the Finance Director for SEED Club. Having lived in three continents demanded me to adapt to countless changes, yet my fascination with nature and passion for sustainability remained constant. I hope to promote economic and environmental sustainability andContinue reading “Meet Ella, our Director of Finance”

Meet Kevin, our Chair

Hello! I’m Kevin and I’m currently a senior in high school from Vancouver, Canada. I am with SEED because of my passion in sustainability and community service. I love playing basketball, biking, and music! HMU if y’all wanna know more about SEED or just wanna chat 😀 Meet Sheila, our Vice-Chair Hey, I’m Sheila! VeryContinue reading “Meet Kevin, our Chair”