Meet Kayla, our Director of Marketing & Social Media

Hello! I’m Kayla Kwok, a senior at University Hill Secondary school. I am ecstatic to be the Marketing/ Social Media Director for Seed Club. Moving from Hong Kong to Canada, I was amazed by the greenery. There were significantly more trees compared to the city. As cities become more grey, I wanted to participate in the drive for sustainability. I hope that future generations can see and be amazed by nature. I joined Seed Club to gain experience with business and network. In my free time, I enjoy exploring theatre, learning dances and taking runs along the forest paths.


Meet Stella, our Member of Marketing & Social Media

Hello, I’m Stella Kang. I’m in grade 11 at Pine-tree Secondary School. I’m ecstatic to be the Marketing and Social Media for Seed club!  When I moved to Canada I saw various natural environments and trees that I couldn’t see in Korea. As I stood in the middle of a forest filled with trees 300 feet tall, I realized that forests are special and each one is unique. And I realized that I need to keep our world clean and healthy. Since then, the environment, and thus conservation, has become one of my biggest interests. So I always wanted to learn more about it. I thought I should join this club because it would be a good opportunity to learn more about the environment and a chance to have connections with people who have a passion for protecting the environment. My hobbies are playing sports and listening to music.

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