Meet Kevin, our Chair

Hello! I’m Kevin and I’m currently a senior in high school from Vancouver, Canada. I am with SEED because of my passion in sustainability and community service. I love playing basketball, biking, and music! HMU if y’all wanna know more about SEED or just wanna chat 😀


Meet Sheila, our Vice-Chair

Hey, I’m Sheila! Very pleased that you are here to observe and take part in SEED Club’s journey by following along! I’m the Co-Chair of the SEED Club this year. Having joined the club last year as the social media and design director, I learned so much more about sustainability through researching for SEEDing Sundays. There is nothing more exciting for me than exploring different ideas through meaningful projects so I am here again with SEED. Be sure to check out our Instagram page and reach out if you wanna join our team as well! If you are interested in art, dance, baking and sweets, or are just a very positive person in general, we could be friends 🙂


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